Bug Camp

Is your kiddo an adventure seeker? In our Outdoor Adventure Camp, 9-11 year old kids will learn & experience the thrill of outdoor sports every day. Your child will not only have an amazing adventure experience, but will also build special friendships within this small group of campers. This summer’s adventures include- Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Sand-Boarding at the Dunes, Rafting, and More! 

: 9-13 years old

Learn to Ride Camp

May 28-31Hero Academy 40%

How cool would it be to know how to build a shelter, make a fire, or filter water, all with our bare hands, and with the tools supplied by nature? Or, knowing which plants, insects, and wildlife to give their space? Nature supplies many things for us to survive, including edible plants and berries, warmth, shade, and shelter. 

​Conversely, nature can be tricky and highly unpredictable making it very challenging and even dangerous to survive if you’re not prepared. Kids will have a blast learning how to “survive” in nature in a highly controlled environment. And, no Kid vs. Nature Camp is complete without hand making an array of fun survival items, such as a Camping Fire Starters, Catapults, First Aid Kits, etc.

Ages: 6-12 years (*kids will be grouped by age)

  • Riding Wheelies
  • Mountain Etiquette 
  • Bike Maintenance

Super Hero Camp

Ninja camp

June 17-21Beast Mode 40% Full
July 22-26Obstacle Haven 40% Full
Aug. 12-16Quest of the Ninja40% Full

Ages: 6-12 years (*kids will be grouped by age)

The world we live in is pretty darn amazing. And, the sky is the limit when it comes to doing the coolest experiments. Children love to mix, create, and explode things. Did we say, "explode?" We meant explore! Seriously though... if it explodes, in a safe environment, a child's interest for why and how suddenly skyrockets. Then, they love to do it again, but with a new twist. This is when the real learning begins. 

​Mad Scientist Camp will be all about doing as many hands on experiments as possible so that kids can smell, touch, see, and hear the wonders of science. 

Ages: 6-12 years (*kids will be grouped by age)

Hollywood camp

Campers will learn the wonders of water.  Everything from its ability to help living things thrive to its ability to be a workhorse in providing energy. Not only will kids learn about water in this camp, they'll play in it too!  

​We're talking giant water inflatable, swimming field trips, and water battles in the park.  By the end of this camp, your child will need a week to dry out! Campers will also enjoy some super cool field trips to learn about the wonders of water. They will also participate in some extraordinary science experiments that involve water.

Ages: 3-12 years old (*kids will be grouped by age)

Kid vs Wild Camp

June 3-7Undercover Mission40%
July 29-Aug. 2Spy vs. Spy30%

adventure camp - Mountain Biking

You've seen them on TV. They're agile. They're fast. They're strong. They are Ninja Warriors. In this summer camp, kids will learn what it takes to compete on the hit TV show, American Ninja Warrior. Camp kids will learn parkour, an urban exercise of movement and self expression. They'll also learn how to conquer ninja warrior obstacles such as The Devil Steps, Unstable Bridges, Cliff Hanger, Hanging Nunchuks, Rumbling Dice, The Warped Wall, and tons more. 

Ages: 3-12 years old (*kids will be grouped by age)

American Ninja Warrior camp

June 3-7
30% Full
June 17-21Mountain Bike Level I30% Full
July 8-12Mountain Bike Level II
30% Full

“With great power, comes great responsibility”, Uncle Ben told Peter Parker (Spiderman) as a youngster. What child hasn’t imagined having a super power of some sort? Heck, what adult hasn’t, from time to time! Right? Campers will see Super Heroes in action and learn how to do some of the amazing physical things they’re capable of. They’re attending “Super Hero” school in which they will receive a diploma in the end. Our little super heroes will learn martial arts, parkour skills, tumbling, and slacklining to name a few. They’ll also be working all week to solve a mystery behind a nasty villain threatening to steal everyone’s powers. 

How cool is this? A super fun, jammed packed summer camp, in which your kiddo will learn how to ride a bike! Campers will learn how to balance, coast, and pedal as well as taking breaks to enjoy arts, crafts, and games. 

​We'll be teaching your child to ride without training wheels. We'll also be teaching some basics about bicycle maintenance- pumping up a tire and putting a chain back on. Campers are required to have their own bike and helmet.

Ages: 4-7 years

Martial Arts Camp

June 24-28
30% Full
July 15-1930% Full

Ninjas have always intrigued kids for years, and for good reason!  Ninjas have always been known for their stealth movements, gravity defying climbing & leaping abilities, and there sensational martial art skills.  Our Motioneers have not forgotten what it is like to be a kid.  So, we have created the very means for your child to walk up building columns, leap 15 feet in the air and land like a butterfly with sore feet.  Freaked out, yet?  

Don't worry, your ninja will be harnessed in and secured 100% of the time. Now, don't be fooled by the name of this summer camp.  Many of our camp leaders are actually trained martial arts from our academy right here inside Bodies in Motion.  Campers will participate in the true ancient art of Taekwondo, originating from Hwarang Warriors.

  • The ancient martial art of Taekwondo
  • Modern self defense skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Board breaking
  • Nunchuk

fun camps that build character


Secret Agent Camp

June 24-2830% Full

A week of scavenger hunts, map making, letter boxing, geocaching, and quests as kids explore around Bodies in Motion and the Boise area. Kids will learn how to search for clues and also make their our treasure hunt for others. Friday campers will work together to solve one last treasure hunt with the prize being a hot dog barbecue extravaganza at the park.

Maps, clues, one legged pirates with talking birds, mystery, scavenger hunts, and adventure are only some of the things kids will see this week... well, maybe not a one legged pirate, but we are on the hunt for a talking bird!

Ages: 3-12 years old (*kids will be grouped by age)

Real martial arts training.  We will be teaching our campers beginner to advanced martial art skills that include basic self defense through acrobatic kicking.  ​Campers will also learn various gymnastic skills to enhance their acrobatic kicks. 

Ages: 3-12 years old (*kids will be grouped by age)

June 10-14
30% Full
Aside from having unique characteristics such as web slinging, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, or having super human strength, super heroes have super character as well. In Super Hero Camp, kids are going to learn about making the right choice, problem solving, conflict resolution, and other character development traits such as- self-confidence, self-discipline, self-control, and focus.

Ages: 3-5 years (*kids will be grouped by age)

Adventure Camps

1 camp  $349

  • Pre camp care $52; Post camp care $73

2 camps $334

  • Pre camp care $48; Post camp care $69

3 camps $319

  • Pre camp care $44; Post camp care $65

Additional Info for Adventure Camp - Multi Sport
9-13 yr old campers

During our white water rafting excursion day, camp will be roughly from 9 am to 4 pm.  

Campers will need the following-

  • Mountain bike (rentals available)
  • Helmet

​Questions? Give us a call: 381-0587. Or, send us an email. 

​Or, click any of the links above to get registered. 

splash Camp

adventure Camp - Multi Sport

If there is one thing that intrigues a young child's mind, it's bugs! 

Little campers will explore, collect, and observe fascinating creepy crawlies that roam the earth, inside and out. They'll also learn just how important they are in the food chain, as pollinators, and keeping the environment healthy.

Ages: 3-5 years (*kids will be grouped by age)

Treasure Hunters

Every child loves seeing themselves on TV!  Now, your child is going to have the opportunity to find him or herself in an action, sci-fi, thriller, or drama blockbuster.  Everyday, campers will shoot a scene against our green screen.  We'll edit it, drop in some super cool background scene and have it available for you to watch.  

Kids love to jump, skid, bomb hills, and ride wheelies. Now, they can learn from our team of skilled mountain bikers, how to do these things safely. Campers will meet daily at Camel's Back Park and will explore the vast trail systems of the Boise Foothills. 
  • Climbing Skills
  • Downhill Agility Skills
  • Jumping​ 

Ages: 10-13 years old (Kids must own their own bike and helmet)

June 3-7
40% Full

Even Steven Spielberg would be envious of what we've put together for campers.  Well... maybe not Steven Spielberg.Campers will also take a field trip to a movie theater in which they will learn how the big screen business works.  They'll see the behind the scene production that get's people into a theater and in their cozy seat for no less that 13 bucks a pop.  Then, back at the set, they'll learn a little about acting, editing, and use of special effects.

Ages: 3-12 years old (*kids will be grouped by age)

Myth Busters Camp

July 1-3, 5
30% Full
May 28-31
30% Full
July 8-12H2O Explosion40% Full
Aug. 5-9Splashtastic!30% Full

Don't worry, your child won't actually receive a fake passport, 7 different aliases, and a one way ticket to Prague. What your child will get is some serious adventure training like reading GPS coordinates to do scavenger hunts. Or, to communicate with an "informant" via walkie talkie to solve a mystery. We all know a secret agent isn't a secret agent without being able to zip line to safety while being chased by the bad guys.  

Campers will go through some exciting obstacle courses that uses many of our ropes course elements, playstructure, and other equipment. In this camp we'll be teaching kids how to problem solve as well as how to work together as a team to achieve an objective.  

The games and activities will be centered around solving puzzles and mysteries as well as working with and competing against peers.  In our fantasy world, here at Bodies in Motion, the true life of a secret agent also means action & adventure.  So... you can count on just that for your little camper!

Ages: 3-12 years old (*kids will be grouped by age)

Hands down, martial arts is one of the most powerful ways to build confidence, focus, and respect, as well as developing fine and gross motor skills, agility and strength.

​Now, your child can get some of those benefits in this exciting, action packed camp. Campers will learn:
June 10-14Urban Adventure20% Full
July 15-19Camping Camp30% Full
Aug. 12-16Explore Idaho30% Full

Camp Times
Summer Camp 9 am - 3 pm
Pre camp 7 am - 9 am
Post camp 3 pm - 6 pm

Camp Rates
Summer Camp 9 am - 3 pm $249/week
Pre-camp Care 7 am - 9 am $52/week
Post-camp Care 3 pm - 6 pm $73/week

Multiple Camps
2 camps $234 
(Pre camp care $48; Post camp care $69)
3 camps $219 
(Pre camp care $44; Post camp care $65) 
4 camps $204  
(Pre camp care $40; Post camp care $61)
5 camps $189  
(Pre camp care $36; Post camp care $57)
6 camps $179  
(Pre camp care $32; Post camp care $53)
7+ camps $169  
(Pre camp care $29; Post camp care $49)

10% Sibling Discount!

​Daily Rates (RSVP REQUIRED)
$59 /day
$11 Pre-camp Care
$16 Post-camp Care

Campers are welcomed to bring a nut free sack lunch, drink and snacks. Or, for your convenience, you can purchase a weekly food ​package from our Sandella's Flatbread Cafe' for $25.

*Age Groupings

Campers will be booked in the following age groups 

3, 4, and 5 year olds - Red Group 

6 and 7 year olds- Green Group 

8- 12  year olds- Yellow Group

All Outdoor Adventure Camps will be in one group.  

Refunds and Transfers

$100 cancellation fee for all refunds.

Transfers are allowed up to the Friday before camp.