• Life size Hungry Hippo 
  • Indoor Equestrian Races 
  • Paper Airplane Target Practice 
  • Dizzy Dizzy Kickball 
  • Underwater Basket Weaving.....Ok maybe not that crazy. 

Presidents day camp Feb 19th, 2018

​Camp Times

9 am - 3 pm

7 am - 9 am Pre-camp Care

​3 pm - 6 pm Post-camp Care

Did you know George Washington was an athlete? That he enjoyed swimming, hunting and even wrestling. Abraham Lincoln was even a fan of playing horseshoes. With these Presidents being a fan of Sports and Bodies in Motion always liking to do things with a twist, we bring you our Presidents' Day, Crazy Sports Camp! 

Camp Tuition 

1 Day - $52

Pre-camp $8
Post-camp $14

​Camp Details

When: February 19
Who: 3 yrs & potty trained to 12 yrs

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