No hot lunch available for purchase for May 4-8 and May 11-15 camps

Campers must bring a sack lunch, drink, and snacks. For your convenience, a weekly food package can be purchased from our Newton's Cafe for $5 .

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​Camp Times

9 am - 3 pm

7 am - 9 am Pre-camp Care

​3 pm - 6 pm Post-camp Care 


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may Camps

fun camps that build character

May 4-8: National Days Camp


MAY 18-22: international camp 

Pre Camp & Post Camp Care

No Pre Camp or Post Camp Care available for May 4-8 and May 11-15 camps

Pre-Camp Care (7am - 9am) = $12/Day

Post-Camp Care (3pm - 6pm) = $17/Day

April 15, Governor Little had slightly relaxed the restrictions for non-essential businesses. Governor Little also stated, "Further, businesses can now prepare to open their doors after April 30 as long as they make preparations to meet certain criteria for social distancing, sanitation, and others." These are the steps that are being recommended to each Governor by the Trump administration and the Coronavirus Task Force. Specifically in Idaho, "camps" and "organized youth activities" can re-open if strict criteria are met.

With our economy slowly opening back up, the need for childcare services is going to increase dramatically. The unique predicament we are all facing is that kids will still be doing online schooling. Here is Bodies in Motion's commitment to our community. 

  • We will be offering Camp on May 4-8, May 11-15, and May 18-22. 
  • We will be helping students maintain their homework schedule, and providing them the opportunity to be online with their classes and teacher while in camp.
  • We will be adhering to the strict hygiene and monitoring protocol based on the CDC, Coronavirus Task Force and from our local health officials.
  • We will be limiting the size of our camp based on the recommendation set forth by the Coronavirus Task Force and local health officials.
  • In the event that you have registered for this camp, but cannot participate, you will be given a full refund or the ability to move your camp to summer without any additional fees.

Camp Details

When: May 4-8, May 11-15, May 18-22

Who: 3 yrs & potty trained to 12 yrs

Camp Tuition 

1 Day - $62

2 Days - $120

3 Days - $174

4 Days- $224

5 Days- $270


National Days Camp, we'll explore the different national days of the camp week. We'll have games, crafts, and activities based on that day.

Mystery Detective Camp, we'll spend the week chasing down the villain that stole the campers ice cream. We just hope campers solve the mystery by Friday!

International Camp will be focused on exploring games and crafts done by kids in different cultures, throughout the world.